My father called me today.  I hate to say that I dread answering my phone when he calls.  Its very unfortunate, but he never calls with good news.  When I answer, I try not to say “what’s wrong”, instead I say, “what’s going on”, but in my head that’s what I am thinking.  He started off by stating he had to fire his secretary.  That’s not the worst thing in the world, but to him it is.  He’s a lawyer.  In his business, most of his clients are going through the phone book and call him.  When no one answers, they most likely just go to the next name in the phone book, without even leaving a message.  So for him, having someone answering his phone is crucial to his business. 

But then the real reason for his call was revealed.  My brother is in his final semester of college and has applied to Law School.  Lets take a step back for a minute and give a brief history.  His Sophomore year he got his senior in high school girlfriend pregnant, had the baby, married her, and dropped out of school to work full time and support his new family.  Guess he didn’t learn from my mistakes.  A year later came hurricane Katrina where he lost his house and all of his possessions.  His young marriage, already strained by an array of issues did not survive.  Since then he has gone back to college and is in his final semester.  He only applied to one school.  His/my fathers Alma Mater.  Like there was any other choice.  My father got a letter delivered from the school on Friday, and could not help himself but to open it.  It was a rejection letter.  My dad was sick about it all weekend.  He could not bring himself to tell him, in fear it would perpetuate a drinking binge. 

My heart breaks.  I am so fearful that this will cause a downward spiral.  And he has come so far. 


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  1. catnip35 Said:

    I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s so hard when there’s nothing you can do to make things better for the ones you love. Just be there for him as best you can.

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