Are U ready for some football!!!

Okay, so I know Football season officially started on Thursday, but for me it starts today at 1:00.  From September to January, Sundays are dedicated to football.  Yes, my heathen ass is going to hell.  When we grocery shop, we actually pick out our “football food”, which consists of items like wings, potato skins, calzone, subs, and nacho’s.  The kids know that no friends come over on Sunday afternoons, we all put on our football jersey’s and spend the day in front of the boob tube.  And of course, we have direct TV, for the sole purpose of subscribing to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

This year, I have my first fantasy football team.  The past two years, I followed along with Joe’s two teams.  One of Joe’s leagues is run by my friend Scott, and there were three drop outs from last year and only two replacements.  I agreed to join if they could not find anyone else… 

My team is the Ragin’ Cajuns.  My starting line up today is:

Tony Romo – QB

Joseph Addai & Selvin Young – RB

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Wes Welker, & Hines Ward – WR

Jeremy Shockey – TE

Robbie Gould – K

Chargers – D

Wish me Luck !

p.s. – today’s football food is steak tips



  1. catnip Said:

    I’m making a pork roast today, but I couldn’t decide what to make with it. Now I might be inspired to make homemade french fries. That’s perfect football food.

    I guess we aren’t going shopping today eh? I almost forgot about football! What was I thinking! I should probably check in on the fantasy football thing I joined though, huh?

    Go Pats!

  2. Food! I forgot the food!

    OK, girls, but we can also kick ass!

    The day has arrived…
    I’m no Brett Favre, but today’s my day too…

    Girls rule!

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