Labor Day

I think this is the first year in quite some time that I didn’t “labor” on Labor Day.  In past years the day has been filled with yard work, house work, and back to school preparations.  Sort of a catch up day for my many responsibilities.  This year was different.  We went to the beach. Yes, your read right, the beach.  For anyone who knows me, they are shocked at this moment because I hate loath sand. I am also not such a big fan of the ocean.  But my children love to go, and that’s whats important.  I also asked my best NH girlfriend and her son to join us.


The beach I take them to is actually a state park.  The grounds are very well kept and its very family oriented.    Our day started a bit later than I had hoped, I had a few distractions that kept me from my target time.  When we arrived it was about 10:30, we to a walk around the rocky cliff and climbed to the highest point.  It was a beautiful day and the views of the ocean were incredible.  After the rock climb, we picked a shaded, park side picnic table to set up lunch while the kiddies played for a bit. 


After lunch, there was no more avoiding it, it was beach time and I had to face the sand.  As beaches go, this has to be nearly perfect.  Its a small cove with a tree line, so there is actually SHADE.  The water was a bit chilly, and the kiddies played in the water and sand until the two youngest lips were blue and had the shivers.  Our adventure was not nearly done, and it was very easy to entice the kids away from the beach with an ice cream. 


We drove along the coast and found a group of guys unloading their lobster traps and weighing their catch of the day.  We each bough lobsters to bring home for dinner, cant get any more fresh than that!  We continued along the coast and parked near the light house so that we could walk out on the sea jetty. 


By the time we got home, I was beyond exhausted.  I realise, that trip was just as much labor, as what I left behind at home…  but so worth it.



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  1. catnip Said:

    Hey! You didn’t tell me you posted! It was a glorious day, and my favorite part was the trip out to the lighthouse. 🙂

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