The “Big Bang” Experiment: Are we in for a disaster?

Have you seen or read anything about the fact that Wednesday, September 10, the most powerful atom-smasher ever built comes into action.   It is supposed to recreate conditions not seen since a split second after the big bang 14 billion years ago.  It is located 300 feet underground near the French-Swiss border, the collider will fire two beams of particles in opposite directions around a 27-kilometre ring at almost the speed of light.  When the beams collide head on, they will create fireballs and showers of subatomic debris never witnessed before.

This could be the world’s biggest scientific experiment, and give great insight on how the universe was born.  Australian scientists have helped design and construct one of the huge detectors in the device hope to search for an elusive subatomic particle, dubbed the “God particle”. But some scientists believe it will trigger the end of world and universe.

Should they be allowed to perform this experiment. What is the advantage of this experiment, does it justify the dangerous tampering with nature? Does it make anyone else uneasy that black holes could be created?

What are your thoughts?



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  1. we_be_toys Said:

    I’m very nervous, just thinking about a machine that can make black holes. I have respect for science and the methodology, but this is yet another example of “yes, we can do it, but SHOULD we be monkeying around with this?”

    And now I have a new reason not to sleep!

    PS – thanks for coming by today!

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