Poker Face

Some would say I lack the ability to hide expression from my face,  you can read me like a book.  But  its not because I lack the ability, I can hold my poker face with the best of them.  Its mostly because I hate pretending.  What you see is what you get from me.   My facial expression says it all, and why should I have to hide it.   I don’t sugar coat things, if I can swallow the jagged pill that life deals me, I expect you to also.  That’s not saying I am not a caring and compassionate person, I am quite the nurturer.  Mother-Hen like, is what I believe my dear friend dubbed me.  Its just you get my true, unedited, reaction when dealing with me.  For some, its hard to take.  But what can I say, I call a spade a spade.


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