Episode 2 – Vanishing Weekends

Here we go again, its Monday, I am exhausted going into the week, my to-do-list has doubled and I wish I could cocoon myself in my blankets and sleep for another 4 hours.  Once again, my weekend was productive.  Friday, with the assistance of my dear friend, I took apart my son’s loft bed to make room for his new bunk beds, and delivered it to my friend’s house for her son to use.  We ate Chinese together and then me and my tribe made our bi-weekly trip to the Air Force Base to shop at the Commissary.  We didn’t get home until 8:45pm and still had to unload and put away.

Saturday started with laundry, a trash run to the dump, and getting the three kiddies ready for their soccer games.  Somehow, I got roped into taking an extra kid home after the game, conflict in schedules for his family.  We had to pick up Cameron’s new bed and unload it.  Oh my aching back it was heavy.  Saturday night was our couple’s poker game, and I started to really feel sick. 

Sore throat!  Ugh!!!  I don’t have time to be sick.  Sunday was just a normal day of cooking and maintaining.  Feeling under the weather prevented any super mom accomplishments like assembling the new bed, or conquering the mountain of laundry. 

And now, back to the rat race of work, school, band, chorus, and soccer. 


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