Bail Out?

Anyone have an opinion about the bail out plan going before Congress.  $700 Billion dollars.  Where is that money coming from?  No one seems to be talking about that.  We don’t have money for health care, or to bring our bridges to code, but we have bail out money?  I think its irresponsible to use  massive sums of taxpayer funds testing an idea that has been hastily crafted and may actually cause more damage in the long term than good in the present. 

I feel sorry for the people who are in over their heads with their mortgages. I feel sorry for them because of their greed, and their need to keep up with the Jones’, made them borrow more then they could afford to live in a home greater than their means.   I am sorry for the families who chose granite counter tops, 3000+ sf living space, spa tubs and other lavish amenities over the financial security of their families.  Yes, the banks loaned them the money, it must be their fault.  Thats what Americans do, diffuse responsibility…  “the banks made me do it”, “they forced me to upgrade my home”, “and now I dont want to have to pay my mortgage”, “boo-hoo, I can’t afford this”

I feel sorry for me, living in my conservative home, paying my bills and not spending beyond my means.  Because now, I have to carry the tax burden of the bail out plan.



  1. stevo Said:

    Lets give billions to people whom misshandled billions.WOW.

    The levee system in LA and the housing market.

    When will the madness end.

    Learn chinese so you can speak to your next employer.

  2. twithhoney Said:

    It is not pretty. And I am unhappy that people were irresponsible and are not going to suffer the consequences. I am more than miffed that people made risky investments and are being rewarded by having their jobs saved with our money while they get to keep their millions in bonuses.

    But I also understand the danger and risk of doing nothing, of allowing these companies to close up. The fear that soaring unemployment and a lack of trust in the banking system would cause the financial and stock markets to collapse, people to rush the banks to withdraw all their money and prices of oil, gas, everything would soar. So I hope that this bail out is done right, that people are held accountable for their actions once again and we never have to do this again.

  3. we_be_toys Said:

    I’m with you girl – I’m not really sure why we the taxpayers have to bail out a bunch of immature and greedy people who’ve never learned delayed gratification, much less how to read their mortgage agreement, and where IS that money supposed to come from?


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