Ready to Run!!!

I had my post op doctors appointment on Friday. I asked a lot of questions about my fertility, and got some pretty positive responses. But the majority of my questions were about my physically limitations, could I work out at the gym, run in a 5k, and do the triathlon in July that I am hoping to complete for the second year in a row. The verdict is yes to all…, which is such a relief.

I have not been able to go to the gym like I want to since the beginning of May. It’s been a mental struggle for me in many ways. Like not only am I losing a baby, I’m losing all that I have been working towards as well. The gym is my only me time, its like my therapy, its were I clear my head and de-stress. I am a happier me when I am going to the gym on a regular basis. Normally, my friend/neighbor and I car-pool and go every morning at 5:15. I fix us coffee in go-cups which we enjoy on our car ride home. We don’t work out together but we do the same Yoga class on Thursday mornings. She is also my TRI buddy. We both did the Danksin Triathlon together for the first time last year, and I hope to be joining her again this summer if I can get back into my training program quickly.

In addition to my fitness goals, I have weigh loss goals. I started a weightless support group for my friends this year and our group of 15 women lost a total of 136 pounds in just four months. Unfortunately, I did not contribute to that total, I lost nothing. My many setbacks were the cause, but still very disheartening that I did not share in the success. But, I am ready to buckle down and work towards attaining my weightless goals and show them all up this next three months.

So tomorrow morning the restart button gets pressed. I will be back at the gym, measure and weigh myself, dust off the food journal and begin working towards my goals.


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  1. AnnetteK Said:

    I have a feeling you really will show us all up this summer! Especially this month. I think getting back to the gym is just what you need right now. Just DON’T overdo it – even though there’s no point in my saying that because I know you will. 😉

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