Where to begin… 

I am a 31 year old mother of three wonderful children.  I was born at Baptist Hospital, in New Orleans, and spent most of my childhood living in Chalmette, LA (St. Bernard Parish).  My life is not what I expected it would be.  I should be a dental hygienist, graduated from LSU school of dentistry.  But, the week after I graduated from high school, I went to the doctor to see why I was so sick all the time…  Duh???  You’re Pregnant!!!!  Never crossed my mind, I was on the pill!  But back in 1995, they did not put warnings on antibiotics that it counteracted the effects of birth control. 

So I married the guy, cause that’s what you’re supposed to do.  He joined the military.  We had two more children together.  Our Family moved from New Orleans, to Keesler AFB, MS, Edwards AFB, CA, and Hanscom AFB, MA.  Shortly after we arrived at Hanscom, I knew I would not be following him to his next base.  I was leaving him.  Why?  because I had a laundry list of reasons why he was wrong for me, and the only reason to stay was our children.  And in California, I sat him down and warned him that my loyalty was no longer to him, but with my children, and at that moment I believed that the best thing for them was their parents to be together,  but the second he changed that, I was leaving and taking them with me.  He didn’t listen, and after seven years of marriage, we got divorced.  I thought about retreating back home to New Orleans, but had fallen in love with New England and decided to make it our home.  What a blessing that has been in so many ways.  For one, I met a wonderful man, who has restored my belief in soul mates.  And secondly, had I returned to New Orleans, I would have lost everything in Katrina, as every member of my family did.

Today, my fiancee and I live in a beautiful home in southern NH with my three children.  We have two dogs, Rocky and Adrian.  I have some wonderful friends and a very full life.  However, I always seem to have a black cloud hovering over me.  The things that happen in my life, you just cant make up stories this good!  Hope you find some humor in my crazy life.

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