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Waiting for Weighing

I find one of the hardest parts of weight loss is NOT getting on the scale every day. For instance, every day last week I went to the gym and really watched my calorie intake. I drank my water until I was floating. I really thought I would see results. So every morning I got on the scale hoping to see some kind of reward for my efforts. And every morning I was disappointed. My numbers were going up instead of down, I was 163 by Friday. How cruel is that? Now since I have been dieting basically for the last decade, I know that what is going on with my body. This was my first week since my surgery that I had been cleared by my doctor to return to working out. And my muscles are being used for the first time in over 6 weeks. So they retain water. I know this. But do you think it helps??? Hell no! I cannot short-circuit my brain and NOT want to see immediate results.

So, on Friday I picked up my scale and put it out of sight. I didn’t work out this weekend, but I did my share of physical activity; cleaning house, moving furniture, running errands around town. This morning, I took the out the scale and I finally saw some results. I am 158 again. I have picked up the scale, and I wont take it out again until Friday. I am hoping that not checking every day will prevent me from undue frustration.

I have three weeks until my vacation. I had hoped to be 150 by that time. I don’t see that happening, but I am not yet giving up… Lets see how close I can get!