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Showing Love thru Chili

I love to cook.  Hmm… well, I love to cook when I don’t have to.  Like, I hate the routine of making dinner because I have to rush home from work and throw something together and usually rush right back out for one of the kids’ many activities.   But I do enjoy being in the kitchen, I get it from my father and my grandmother.  I have spent hours in the kitchen with both of them, and learned more than I ever could from any food network cooking show.  I will never forget the smell of my grandmother’s house after she fried meatballs for her red gravy (that would be spaghetti sauce for you non-italians). You could never leave her house hungry. She had to feed you. It was her way of showing love. And I guess I feel the same way about cooking, its my way of showing love.

I have a few recipes that I like to believe are really good.  One of them is chili.  I have gotten many compliments on my chili.  I have made it for several fundraisers, and completely sell out.  Lots of people ask if my chili is spicy, and my response is that it is very flavorful without the bite.  (which is usually followed by my favorite partner in crime snorting at me)  I like a little fire in my chili, but the northerners up here seem to be afraid of spice.  Everything is really bland.  I believe the trick to really good chili is all about the vegetables – peppers, red onions, green onions, cilantro, and garlic. 


I think that you should have as much vegetables in your chili as meat (which I do a beef/pork combo). My grandmother always told me that this rule applies to just about every recipe, “When you think you have enough onion, add some more and then its enough.” I usually make a big pot before the summer because in a couple of weeks I won’t want to heat up my kitchen. So, I showed my love to my family yesterday and made a pot of chili.