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Weekend Rush

A continuation of my Yard Sale Addiction …..

It has been a rainy week, and I believe it made many families think twice about having a yard sale. The forecast for the weekend was unfavorable, but I found 5 yards sales to hit. The first was a jackpot… I got a complete set of crate and barrel place settings for eight: Plates, bowls, salad plate, cup and saucer for $5.00. And for another $5.00, I got a brand new never opened pampered chef medium bar pan, a tray table, and two bags of misc craft supplies. I was practically high with elation when I drove away. My next stop was successful but not quite as good of bargains as the previous. I got my youngest a red sox coat and an Adidas sweatshirt for $12.00, Joe a Harley scarf for .50 and a DOT motorcycle helmet for myself for $20.00. Again not great prices, but all things I needed and much less than retail. I now have like $4.00 left. The next two house were roll-by’s, not even worth getting out. But my last stop was worth it. She was selling her stamping up collection and I had no money left…. I picked out three sets of never used stamps that I new I had to have. I also found two stacks of good card stock and a candleholder I fell in love with. I handed her my pile and said I had to go see how much money I had in my car and I would be back. I feverishly searched my wallet for any emergency cash I may have stashed. (I think I used that last weekend) I had nothing, only my $4.00, and then I looked up, and in my visor I had a winning scratch ticket that I had intended on cashing in when I got gas. It was a $10.00 winner. So I meekly walked over to the woman and offered her my $4.00 of cash and my $10.00 winning scratch ticket and hoped she would accept them in exchange for my pile. SHE DID!!! WooHoo!!!! What a rush….

Yes, I have a bit of a problem. I love yard sales. I love finding a bargain. I love the excitement of making deals. But most of all, I love getting stuff for my family without putting a strain on our family budget.

Note to self: replenish emergency cash stash in wallet for next Saturday


Yard Sale Addiction

I have a problem. All week long, as I drive around town transporting my kiddo’s to their various activities, and I look for signs. I have a pen and paper in my console, and I write down the addresses of all the yard sales for the upcoming weekend. On Friday, after I have as many addresses as I can get my hands on, I map my route based on time, location and distance from my kiddo’s Saturday morning sports activities. Friday nights sometimes feel like Christmas Eve, I can wait to go to bed so I can get up and see what finds will be out there the next morning. I actually look forward to getting up early. (what is wrong with me) I fix my coffee in my go-cup and I hit the streets.

Last weekend was the Bonanza day of yard sales. There were four of our local subdivisions that planned community yard sales and the Boy Scouts had their annual spring rummage sale. So of course every household plans their yard sales for this weekend too (which by the way is actually counter productive on their part, everyone is so focused on the big fish that they by pass the little fish who end up losing out). I think I must have gone to at least 30 yard sales this past Saturday. And that does not include the ones I did a roll-by, you know were you slow down to 5 miles per hour and roll by to see what they’ve got and if its worth parking and getting out of your car.

It Friday, I have my list ready, and working on my route… anxious to discover what great finds will be out there tomorrow!

My top three yard sales finds of this season:

1) A Singer sewing machine table – $25.00


2) A Hammock & Stand – $20.00


3) Brand New – Never Opened Pizzaelle (italian cookies) Maker – $5.00